Automation technological and business - processes



Order of MES of Ukraine from December 28, 2017 № 1714

By Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from December 28, 2017 № 1714 "The list of scientific professional publications of Ukraine where the results of dissertations for the academic degrees of doctor and candidate of science can be publish" and "The list of electronic scientific professional publications of Ukraine where the results of dissertational works for the scientific degrees of doctor and candidate of sciences can be published" were updated.
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Congratulations to the editorial board and the authors of the journal!

It was confirmed that our journal "Automation of technological and business processes" was joined to CABI!
Starting with the first issues of 2017, the journal's publications will be posted on this resource.

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International) is an international not-for-profit organization that improves people’s lives worldwide by providing information and applying scientific expertise to solve problems in agriculture and the environment.
Our approach involves putting information, skills and tools into people's hands. CABI's 48 member countries guide and influence our work which is delivered by scientific staff based in our global network of centres.

Link to the resource: CABI

Access to Scopus

Tere was published a full list of institutions that receive access to Scopus and Web of Science (order MOS no. 1286 from 19.09.2017):

Odessa National Academy of food technologies received access to sciensenetricks database Scopus!

It's strange to understand another, by the previous arrangement #censcionaft and outreach scopus, #onaht had to get a test access from 1 October 2017 Most of the colleagues have already been informed, but the broad is not that it  working points were discussed.

Now we don't have information or will be given us test access to scopus when it starts and how subscription access is organized.

Please treat with understanding to the situation.