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New Mechatronics Certification

04-06-2016 06:17
One of the most often-asked questions at industry events revolves around what types of engineering education are most relevant given the clear digitalization trends across industry. The typical answer is that both mechanical and electrical engineering degrees will remain relevant for the foreseeable future. Its also becoming ever more clear that the hybridization of electronics, mechanical and software engineering at the root of mechatronics is an increasingly relevant area of expertise. To help companies train workers in a readily applicable area of mechatronics, PMMIThe Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (and parent company of Automation World), has released Mechanical Components 2, its new Mechatronics Certification test. PMMIs Mechatronics Certification tests are designed to help manufacturers identify levels of competency for new candidates and assess the capabilities of current employees. This new test builds upon the knowledge assessed in Mechanical Components 1 by evaluating the candidate's mastery of the principles and application of mechanical components such as clutches, brakes, gear boxes, transmissions, ball screws, and linear components. It also tests competencies in sealing, lubricants and automated lubrication, precision alignment and timing, vibration analysis and the use of video to troubleshoot mechanical systems. According to PMMI, the Mechanical Components 2 test is aimed at intermediate-level technicians and technologists who may be involved in the assembly, test, startup, troubleshooting, maintenance, repair or upgrade of mechanically complex processing, packaging or manufacturing machinery. Candidates must have already successfully earned the Industrial Mechanics 1 certification, or its equivalent, before taking the Mechanical Components 2 exam. PMMI Mechatronics Certifications are recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor and endorsed by the National Association of Manufacturers Skills Certification System. Additional information about PMMIs newly released Mechatronics Certification test, Mechanical Components 2, can be found here.
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